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Are you struggling with excess fat or sagging skin in your thighs? Dr. Harikiran Chekuri at Redefine Clinic might just be the right choice for a thigh lift in Hyderabad. He is an acclaimed plastic surgeon with over 2 decades of experience in the field. He uses state-of-the-art technology to provide natural-looking results to his patients.


Redefine Clinic offers a range of weight loss procedures like tummy tuck, bariatric surgery, body contouring, and thigh lift surgery in Hyderabad. They are committed to providing cutting-edge techniques while maintaining the high quality of the procedure and also the safety of the patient.

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Before you begin, it might be helpful for you to learn about what a thigh lift is, how exactly it works, and why people opt for it.

What Is Thigh Lift And Why Is It Needed?

A thigh lift is also medically known as thighplast. It is a procedure that removes excess fat and sagging skin from the thighs. The objective is to create a toned, curved, and appealing leg figure.

While the aesthetic enhancement of the thighs is a primary motivation for many, the need for a thigh lift often extends beyond cosmetic reasons:

  • Excessive skin and fat may result in discomfort and cause skin rubbing which may make ordinary activity and exercise extremely difficult. Thigh lift takes care of these problems, hence improving the quality of life.
  • Heavy thighs also interfere with how you fit into your clothes, leading to low self-esteem and confidence.
Thigh Lift

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Curious as to what are the different kinds of thigh lift procedures offered by us? Take a look below.

Types Of Thigh Lifts Available

Redefine Clinic is well known for its comprehensive options for thigh lift surgery in Hyderabad. Let’s check out the table below.

Type of Thigh Lift Target Area Key Benefits
Medial (Inner) Thigh Lift

Inner thigh

Smooths and tones the inner thigh area; with discreet incision placement for minimal visible scarring.

Lateral (Outer) Thigh Lift

Outer thigh and buttocks

Tightens the skin and reshapes the outer thigh for dramatic improvements in silhouette and proportion.

Bilateral Thigh Lift

Front and outer thigh

Enhances the overall shape of the leg, offering a remarkable transformation in leg contour and appearance.

Mini Thigh Lift

Upper inner thigh

Less invasive, targeting localized concerns with quicker recovery times and less scarring; ideal for minor adjustments.

Moving on, check out how Dr. Harikiran Chekuri approaches these different types of thigh lift surgery in Hyderabad.

Our Thigh Lift Procedure And Techniques

The thigh lift surgery starts with a detailed consultation, where Dr. Chekuri will discuss the patient’s aesthetic goals, check health conditions, and help choose the perfect technique.

The surgery is performed under general anesthesia so that the patient remains comfortable and doesn’t feel pain during the surgery.

During the procedure, the surgeon precisely removes excess skin and fat, using a well-aimed incision to ensure minimal scarring and quick recovery.

The specific technique and incision are based on the selected thigh lift method, which varies, depending on the patient’s particular body type and the desired outcome.

Patients receive detailed instructions for care at home, including guidelines for activity levels, wound care, and follow-up appointments.

Dr. Chekuri and his team closely monitor the recovery process, ensuring a smooth, comfortable healing period.

 Lift Procedure And Techniques

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Any medical treatment needs careful financial planning, check out the thigh lift cost in Hyderabad.

Cost Of Thigh Lift In Hyderabad

Thigh Lift costs can vary depending on several factors. Here’s the cost breakdown for popular thigh lift procedures in Hyderabad.

Type of Thigh Lift Average Cost in Hyderabad (INR)
Medial (Inner) Thigh Lift

1,50,000 – 1,75,000

Lateral (Outer) Thigh Lift

1,60,000 – 2,00,000

Bilateral Thigh Lift

1,80,000 – 2,50,000

Mini Thigh Lift

1,20,000 – 1,50,000

Please note that these costs are estimates and can vary based on many factors, such as the surgeon’s expertise, clinic facilities, and any additional treatments that may be required.

A thigh lift is generally considered a cosmetic need rather than a medical one. Hence, your insurance provider is very likely to not cover any costs involved in the treatment.

There are some exceptions in cases where a thigh lift might be performed as a part of a broader medical treatment such as a reconstructive procedure following trauma or certain medical conditions.

However, Redefine Clinic offers customized treatment plans and flexible EMI facilities to their patients. Their thigh lift cost in Hyderabad is highly competitive compared to corporate hospitals.

For an accurate estimate of costs, schedule a visit to the clinic and have a thorough discussion.

So how effective are these treatments?

Our Success Rate And Results

Thigh lift surgery in Hyderabad at our clinic boasts impressive success rates. Most patients report high satisfaction levels, citing improved body shape, enhanced comfort in clothing, and a boost in self-confidence.

These figures reflect not only the efficacy of the procedure in achieving the desired aesthetic goals but also the advancements in surgical techniques that minimize risks and produce quality outcomes.

Here are some factors that enhance the chances of a successful outcome:

  • Choosing a skilled and experienced surgeon who specializes in body contouring can significantly impact the quality of results.
  • Success rates are higher when the treatment is designed to suit the individual’s specific body type, skin quality, and aesthetic goals.
  • Adherence to post-operative instructions, including care of the surgical site, activity restrictions, and follow-up visits, is crucial for optimal healing and results.

Before you make any final decision, you must learn about the advantages of choosing Dr. Harikiran Chekuri at Redefine Clinic for thigh lift in Hyderabad.

Thigh Results

Why Choose Us?


Highly Qualified and Experienced:

Dr. Chekuri is a qualified plastic surgeon who has been certified by the board and has undergone intensive training in both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

He has over 2 decades of experience in executing many cosmetic procedures and refining his technique to make them as effective as desired.


Personalized Care and Attention:

His patient-centered philosophy offers personalized care tailored to each individual’s needs and goals

Patients receive comprehensive consultations in which all issues including their desires, procedure details, care plan, etc. are discussed.


State-of-the-Art Techniques:

He uses advanced surgical methods and technology to reduce discomfort and recovery time, aiming for safe, natural-looking results.

He remains updated on the innovations in plastic surgery to ensure that the highest level of care is maintained.


Comprehensive Post-Operative Care:

Beyond surgery, Dr. Chekuri and his team understand the necessity of aftercare and provide all-inclusive post-operative support so that patients recover quickly.


Ethical and Transparent Practices:

We follow the stringent principles of ethics and transparency in all aspects of the procedures and interactions we encounter.

We make sure the patients are completely aware of the possible risks, economic considerations, and realistic results of their thigh lift surgery.

Success Rates

You can read about some of the testimonials from patients Dr. Chekuri has treated in the past.

Patient Testimonials

“For years, I struggled with the appearance of my thighs. Despite losing a significant amount of weight, the excess skin left me feeling self-conscious and hindered my mobility. My journey with Dr. Chekuri began with a simple consultation, but it ended up changing my life. He performed a thigh lift procedure, which removed the excess skin and improved my mobility. The personal attention and detailed explanation he provided made me feel seen and understood.”

Priya Sankalp, 34

“Living an active lifestyle was always important to me, but the excess fat and skin on my thighs caused discomfort and rubbing, making physical activities a challenge. I was skeptical about undergoing surgery, fearing the outcome and the stigma. Dr. Chekuri’s professionalism and empathy towards my concerns convinced me. The surgery was a success, and the recovery was smoother than I imagined. Now, I run marathons without a second thought.”

Jaideep Vaid, 29

“The decision to visit Dr. Chekuri was fueled by years of hiding my legs and missing out on experiences. The beach trips I avoided and the clothes I could never wear frustrated me. My thighs were my biggest insecurity. Dr. Chekuri’s approach was not just clinical but holistic, focusing on my emotional and physical well-being. The thigh lift surgery he performed was life-altering.”

Anita Kadam, 26

For more clarity, refer to some FAQ’s below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Thigh Lift Surgery Be Combined with Other Procedures?

Yes, thigh-lift surgery is commonly employed in conjunction with other body contouring procedures for superior outcomes. Common combinations may include tummy tucks, liposuction, and buttock lifts, subject to the patient’s general appearance objectives.

Will the Scars Be Visible After a Thigh Lift and for How Long?

Scar visibility is influenced by the type of surgery, the person’s skin tone, and the surgeon’s skill. Incisions are generally sited in less conspicuous locations and with good postoperative management scars will significantly fade over time.

Is thigh lift surgery permanent?

Thigh lift surgery results are long-lasting, but maintaining them requires a stable weight and healthy lifestyle. Aging and significant weight changes can affect the results over time.

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